Texas Divorce Record Search

Texas divorce record search
i am adopted and searching for my blood related siblings. can you help?

all my brothers and sisters were taking away from our mother when we were young and split up across the united states.. we were all adopted into different families.. i have met and reunited with most of them and found them pretty much on my own without a service to help.. but….. the ones who are left to find that im having trouble with our my 2 brothers who are twins.. i know they were adopted together, but i dont know what there adopted last name is. they are about 19 or 20 now and i think they live in michigan somewhere.. the other one is my sister whom i did have contact over the phone.. we exchanged pictures via mail.. i know she was married, but at the time was thinking of a divorce. not sure if that happened. texas is were i think she still lives.. i do know her maiden name though.. so does anyone know any free sites were i can find some records on my family. i already know the free people search, but anything else to give me some leads here.. i dont have alot of $$

search zaba search also post on the adoption registry.

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