Texas Municipal Court Records

Texas municipal court records
Warrants and Joing the Military?

I recently joined the Navy, swore in and everything. A few days before I was talking to my recruiter and told him about parking tickets that were unpaid and he said that they would be fine if I just paid them before I shipped. So I tried to find every parking ticket I have, in Texas mind you (I now live in Colorado), and have found out that I had a speeding ticket that I did not know about and have a warrant out. I have talked to the municipal court and they said that it was not a big deal I just needed to pay it and the ticket just goes on my record. So I am now pay the ticket off. I am wondering now if the FBI background check will catch this and if anything will happen to get me such as getting kicked out of the Navy. I have heard it time and time again about the penalty for open tickets and know what can happen to you. Please can anyone help.

Yes the DIS (Defense Investigative Service, FBI does not do this) will see this, ensure you disclose this on your SF-86 (security screening form) and during your interview with DIS.

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