Texas Marriage Court Cases

Texas marriage court cases
What Happened to “Follow the Law”?

A state court has ruled that Texas authorities were wrong in removing some 400 children from their parents because the children were not in “immediate danger.” However, the training that leads to early marriage, multiple marriage, and early childbirth does start at these early ages.

The Mormon Church decreed many years ago to “Follow the Law of the Land.” The polygamists refuse to follow this decree and refuse to follow the law of our country. Why is this ignored? Why are these people allowed to live in this way, many of them on Welfare as single mothers, without prosecution? Why have they not been arrested and charged?

It seems that, in this country, the general public is expected to follow the law and, if they don’t, they pay fines or face jail time. Yet, in many cases, our laws are being ignored completely, as in Illegal Immigration and in polygamy. My question is, why are these laws not enforced? What part of “Follow the Law” is so difficult to understand?

I don’t know if I agree that these children are not in imminent danger, but the fact that their parents are criminals is not sufficient to answer the question. If the state took your kids away every time you broke the law, states would be raising more kids than parents. The court asked the right question: “are the children in danger right now?” Whether they came up with the right answer is a different issue.

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