Texas Online Public Records

Texas online public records
who to call if the DPS has no answer there phones?

Hi, I tried to change my address line liscense pilots, and at the end of all the questions he refused my debit card, so I came back, I have my time, returned to work and tried to get my data back and said, "Our records indicate that you have made a transaction for a license renewal or DPS identification card online. If you have any questions, please visit your Texas Department of Licensing Office of Public Safety. "If anyone know how I can go back to try another card system let me know, but incase im screwed with it, no one knows who else to call, in addition to the DPS? I waited for someone to answer my call (more or less in standby) stupid promt keeps repeating every few minutes an hour. Im Still holding the phone in my face.

Wow, same situation as I am honest, there seems no other choice but to continue trying to DPS. I have yet to call me as I just received this message and are closed during the day. : / Should not have solved this error before it is launched online renewal. Good luck to you!

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