Texas Credit Records

Texas credit records
Is there a way to get my husband's ex-girlfriend to stop using his name?

They never married (common law or otherwise) we have called vital records in Texas to be sure. However, it continues to use his name. She took the name as their suites legal trouble. He managed to avoid prosecution for DUI 4 in this way. He and I are pretty good, and I stopped. She even took a credit card in your name without permission, a few years ago. Is there a way to have him arrested, without having to go through a costly legal?

There nothing that prevents you from change its name to almost any other name (although you can not change his name to an insult or something like that can cause tax confusion). Think about this: Say the name of Smith and her husband had married another man named Smith and wanted to get his name? No name Owner. It's like a brand. However, there is nothing to stop telling police she used a pseudonym.

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