Texas Court Public Records

Texas court public records
Plaintiff’s remorse? Complicated, but, in TEXAS, can you undo a judgment you received from a court?

Let’s say that you sued someone, and you won a judgment because the defendant was not present for the court date (don’t comment on the negligence of the party not showing up; assume there were good reasons). Several years later, you come to realize that you sued when you probably should not have, and you regret having done it. Unfortunately, now, the person has a permanent public record against them because of your suit. Let’s say there were things your company did not realize at the time the suit was filed. Is there anything you can do that voluntarily vacates your own judgment or seals it so that it is not public information? How would you do that? What is it called? How much does it cost?

Thank you.
LOL…James, you’re probably right. I actually posted it on the OFF chance that one of the anonymous wankers might actually be a lawyer or judge in Texas.
John, thank you. How do you know this?

You can simply file a release of judgment to vacate any liability of the other party. That will not expunge it from public records, but in the Release of Judgment you can include any language you want that would help vindicate the other party

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