Texas Conviction Records

Texas conviction records
How can I get a felony conviction removed from my record?

I was convicted of delivery of a controlled substance in 1973 or 74. I completed a ten year probation sentence in two and one half years. I was arrested in Houston, Texas. Harris County. I plan to become a counselor and need this felony removed. How is that possible?

unless you were a minor, you can’t. if you were under 18, you can have your record expunged.

i don’t want to talk in absolutes. you sound like a lady of means. talk to an attorney about this issue. the other thing is a pardon from the state. do you donate huge money to governor rick perry? he can fix it.

the other thing is on a federal level drug convictions are complicated. certain kinds of federal aid such as pell grants will always be closed to you, no matter what. it’s really screwed up.

GL to you and talk to an attorney! jim

one other thing…as you may or may not know, you have an arrest record and a conviction record. you can never, ever, under any circumstances, regardless of age, get rid of the arrest record. what you want to do is get rid of the conviction. GL with it.

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