Texas Property Records

Texas property records
¿I can legally possess a firearm in Texas w / a crime?

Ok … I was arrested in April for "possession illegal weapons. "was recorded, just not had a license. Since I was on the property where alcohol is served, what they did is a crime. My case is still outstanding, but began trading charges and prosecution began with five years probation, 32 hours. community services, and a case statement deferred, which means no conviction, and when I'm done w / my freedom, which will be drawn. SOOO … ¿I can buy legally possess a firearm and 10 after the end of December when my case? If I have a gun, would have to give up possession of it? At the end of my trial period, as there would be no condemnation, just a record of my arrest, would you be able to buy one?

Your question lacks one important detail: if the prosecution has the plea agreement is an offense or crime. However, if you are convicted of any felony can not own a firearm (1) after conviction and before the fifth anniversary of the person releasing the sentence after the Birth of crime or release the person from supervision under community supervision parole or mandatory supervision, if later, you do not qualify for a permit to carry firearms for five years after a conviction for an offense of Class A or B or conduct disorderly. This includes cases that were dismissed after completing probation or deferred judgments. If you have been convicted alcohol or of two or more drug-related crimes in the last 10 years are not eligible. It is also not possible to obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit if you are a person who has been convicted of an offense under section 22.01, Texas Penal Code, subject to a Class A misdemeanor and participation a member of the family of the person or family, commits an offense if the person possesses a firearm before the fifth anniversary of the last of: (1) the release date of the sentence the person after the birth of the child, or (2) the date of release from supervision community condemnation of the person after the failure.

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