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Texas Marriage Records

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Texas marriage records
Why are Texas records so much more accessible than those of other states?

I have many ancestors and relatives who have lived in Texas, but I occasionally need to access birth, marriage, death records from other states, and many of them are not accessible through or any other site.

Hmmm, I don’t know — it sounds unlikely that Texas has determined its policy on public records access entirely as a way to make money off of one specific website.

More likely, they just want to have a high level of customer service.

Texas Marriage Record

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Texas marriage record
How can i get a a marriage record before 1966 in Texas?

i was trying to find a place where i can see marriage records before 1966 because my family are trying to figure out when my mother’s parents got married my grandmother says 1947 and my grandfather said 1948(he passed away in Sep 3,2005)and we are trying to figure out (san antonio or laredo)(because some people from business need it)i was wondering if anyone knew any sites plz and thank you(by the way we don’t live in san antonio or Laredo
Thank you(not sure about 1 and 2 though lol)

there are several on line sights in which you can purchase information like this, if you have the woman’s maiden name, date of birth, and the mans date of birth city in which they were married, the fees vary depending on how in depth you are wanting to go, “people search” etc, good luck