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Potter County Public Records

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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Lost Life Insurance Policies

How to Collect on Lost Life Insurance Policies

The parent has died. He had a life insurance policy with you listed as beneficiary. There is only one problem: the life insurance policy is absent. We write, an idea that has insurance. When you see the lack of assurance in the future, you are still entitled to receive compensation for death? Hopefully their account security, when you give a receiver and then lost in the search for life shortly after the insured (the who died during the six months to a year, for example), the use of the death benefit should not be a problem.

First, determine if the insured had term or permanent life insurance. If the insured has made long-term policy, you will receive compensation for death if he died before the contract expires. When he died, it will be after the expiry date of the policy, get nothing. If the insured had a permanent life policy, you receive the money if the death occurred during the policy was  valid  in which payments are made until the date of death was. If the death was a moment before you get benefits with interest from the date of death. When the insurance is invalid – that is resolved, the insured, insurance, before his death – there is a chance that you do not.

When a permanent life insurance void, most insurance companies, the change of status to permanent insurance, one of two options:  Advanced View  – The insurance company uses the cash value of life insurance a term with the same penalty interest purchased the value of the policy. The death benefit will continue to buy it for the longest period the cash value.  Pay Less  – The insurance will remain in place permanently, but will reduce the death benefit.

Gerry Brogli, an actuary for State Farm, says the majority of cases the company, the permanent policy continues to extend the mandate if they fell.
At State Farm, prolonged closure is the default for most permanent policies. If the policy lapses and the time extension expires before the insured dies, the policy is worthless and the beneficiary of life insurance will not take. If the insured dies before the deadline is extended, it receives the death benefit.

If the policy lapsed because the insured († late payment of premiums, with the result that the status of the extension period) will be available for the reception, the recipient continues to accumulate the total compensation for death, regardless of when the period extension had expired. The recipient should always check with the insurance pensions of death, date of death. There are no deadlines by which the beneficiary of life insurance should be responsible for collecting the money, said Jack Dolan, spokesman of the American Council of Life Insurers.  If the person appears to be 30 years after [the insured] death, the company always ensure the poor, Dolan.

What if no one reports the death? If the insured dies and the insurance has not expired on the death of the policy. Insurance will take steps to find out why a policyholder stopped payments. If an insurance company, will stop receiving payments, sent letters to the insured to inform the policy which ended in May because of unpaid premiums.

If the letters unanswered, the company could launch a search for the insured. If empty, the company will then lapse the policy. When the beneficiary, not the front, it means a policy, unfortunately, pay the money in an insurance policy that never in his life and receivers of a dime. Therefore, a good idea to check to ensure that beneficiaries are aware of a life insurance policy you.

If you’re lucky, the money from the State may, in some cases, if the beneficiary of death benefit for many years the right money from the State paid insurance under the Act for the return of the bank transfer. If a company knows an insured died and can not find the receiver is full compensation for death, through the Ministry of Foreign controller again in three to five years after the death of the insured. The money transferred to the State, if the insured purchased the policy. The money will be cast as  abandoned property  and dormant accounts and accounts of rent not collected in a saucepan.
The inspection service has a database listing the names and addresses of the beneficiaries of insurance has died.

Many states will try to pay the beneficiary for life insurance in an effort to get death. In Texas, for example, the names and addresses of recipients per year in each county in the state of publication. In New York, the site of the Office of the Controller of New York Unclaimed Funds has an online search for all deaths, you deserve to be found.

You can find the procedure in your state by contacting the Office of the Comptroller or state treasurer you. Remember, the chances of the policy statement below. Insurance not required, the money for the state, is not known if the insured died at hand. In most cases, the recipient of the insurer. In addition, the insurer only transfers the money to the state three to five years after it could not be reached, the consumer knows, but the insured dies. If the state has the death is likely to find the insurer or the beneficiary or the insured does not know dies. Unclaimed dead are often moved to the state. Dave Potter, a spokesman for Hartford Life, says less than 1 percent of death benefits to his company goes unclaimed. Del opportunity,  said director requirements for life insurance to members of Farm,  Turn on the life of the positive actions of one state after the death of the insured are extremely rare.

State Farm is using their own search techniques as well as outside suppliers lost beneficiaries upon the death of one of our members. Essentially, this process is always the beneficiary. Tips to make your beneficiaries Your life insurance benefit / Death: 1 reserved. It gives your beneficiaries your policy information.

This is a challenging and difficult debate, but an important step. 2. Keep all your financial documents (including your life) in one place. Do not force your beneficiaries to search your home from top to bottom, after your death. Tips for finding lost life insurance: 1 Go through canceled checks or contact your bank for copies of old family controls. Based on audits of insurance companies. 2. Ask those who have the finances of your family are well known. Discuss with your family lawyer, banker or accountant. Even members of an insurance agent. 3. Contact with the last closing of your employer. We had to deal with life insurance possible. Insured may purchase additional life insurance through work. 4. Check your e-mail a year. The Premium account status messages and policies are usually sent annually. 5. Watch the returns for the last two years. Getting paid, interest or costs on corporate politics. 6. Contact the Medical Information Bureau.

If you bought insurance on your life is not very large, it could be a sign for the company, which he applied. The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) maintains a database that can show if insurers requested information for your health than the last seven years. Record searches can be made to the policy MIB Locator Service and cost $ 75 The MIB says that 30 percent of searches Improve drive.

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Texas Criminal Searches

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Texas criminal searches
Sex offender sites don’t work, why?

Here is a link to the site to see if people in your area are sex offenders. Have it make a list all the sex offenders in say Dallas Texas (random) then pick one of the names that it shows and do a search on him (on the same site) to see if he is a sex offender. You will get 0 results. It doesn’t work. It really bugs me too because there is this guy who I want to know if he has a criminal background.

Dont know what you are talking about.
the site works.

Texas Records Searches

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Texas records searches
Can a member of a bar’s staff legally force a person to submit to a search of their person? In Texas?

A friend was at a bar yesterday, and the manager decided that he believed my friend was selling drugs. The manager forced my friend to empty all pockets and submit to being patted down. My friend attempted to leave rather than submit, and they did not allow him to leave without being searched. I just want to know if this is legal. We are in Texas. For the record, they found no drugs on him in the search, and to the best of my knowledge, he is not a drug user or dealer. It was bar staff that detained him, no actual members of law enforcement.

No, you have the RIGHT to leave. If you were detained it’s almost certainly false imprisonment.

If you want to stay at the bar then you have to deal with the bar’s rules and procedures.

There’s nothing to sue for because there are no damages. You have to prove that you’ve been damaged or suffered a loss to file a successful law suit.

The only option is to report it to the police and file a report. The DA may take some action, but unless you were detained for a prolonged period of time against your will I doubt anything will happen.