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Texas Marriage State

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Texas marriage state
How long can i live with my girlfriend until it is considered common law marriage in the state of Texas?

I jus need to know how long in the state of Texas

it not how long but if u and ur girlfriend consider urself to be married to one another, call each other husband and wife, file joint tax returns, she uses ur last name ya’ll are common law married if u need more info check out this website

Texas Divorce Court

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Texas divorce court
Filed for divorce in texas, met someone, is this adultery?

My husband and I filed for divorce in Texas… I moved to Washington to restart my life, the divorce isn’t finalized till the end of jan… He knows I am with someone and is saying it’s adultery and will use it against me in court. Did I commit adultery even though it’s filed? I know it’s different in some sstates, so if anyone knows about Texas laws, that would be helpful.
Thank yiu

Meeting someone isn’t adultery. Having sex with someone while you or the other person is married to someone else is.

Most judges just don’t want to hear about adultery — unless you’re doing it while the kids are in the house. And, of course, using y’all’s money to buy jewelry for the boyfriend/girlfriend is a source of concern.