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Texas Wedding Records

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Texas wedding records
How would you find someone in Northeastern Iowa to take on research project as a learning experience?

My great aunt worked as a teacher in the Waukon schools in then period 1895-1899 for two years. I don’t know exactly which two years as she graduated from high school in 1895 and was teaching in another city by 1899. Her two years were mentioned in her obituary and her wedding announcement. Right after high school, she probably attended a short Normal School to learn teaching as it was done then.
The school district of Waukon has told me they have employment records from back then, but can spare no one to look through them. I learned of them right after passing through the town on a trip a couple of summers ago. I live in Texas.
Obviously, anyone willing to wade through the records could do a service for geneology by listing all the teachers and superintendents each year.
This seems a useful project for a beginner who wants to do real research, but where do I find one? Here?

It appears that the Allamakee County Historical Society has already preserved several similar records. You might find a good set of kindred spirits there, especially since they have the facilities to house these records and the volunteers to archive them properly.

Here’s some contact info that you might enjoy:
Telephone 563-568-2954


Museum Hours & Genealogical Research Open June, July and August, Monday – Friday, 1-3 p.m., open any other time by appointment. We are happy to arrange visits, just give us a call at (563) 568-2954 or (563) 568-3234.”

The Allamakee County Historical Society & Research Center is a non-profit corporation.

The Society was formed in 1965. We are located in the original Allamakee County Courthouse. (1867 – 1939)

Membership Dues:
Individual: Dues are $10.00 per year
Life: Dues are $ 50.00 for a life time membership
If wishing to join please send dues to:
PO Box 95, Waukon, IA 52712

The Society meets on the fourth Thursday of most months
Call 563-568-2954 for the location of the meeting.

Officers of the Society
James Garrett, President
John Simmons, Vice President
Ada Marie Kerndt, Secretary & Genealogy
Tom Hansmeier, Treasurer
Bill Schneeberger, Maintenance
Rev Lonning, Red Schoolhouse
Rae Beardmore, Board member
Larry Wolfe, Board member
Gloria Jackson: Board member
Marcia Rush, Board member

Texas Marriage And Divorce Records

Friday, December 4th, 2009

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is there a website to check marriage and divorces records for free in Texas by name as i don’t know the year

I have world deluxe membership with if you would like me to help you if you email me through my profile I will share the images with you.

Texas Divorce Record

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Texas divorce record
What is the statute of limitations of an owelty lien in Texas divorce statutes?

No dollar amounts listed in court records

This is the kind of question you need a real lawyer to answer, not people to take a guess about on an internet message board.

Kent in SD