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Texas Free Vital Records Search

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Texas free vital records search
how can i find out if I am divorced in El Paso, Texas?

are there free vital record searches

Did you get sleep divorced? It was in the news recently… Or are you trying to figure out if someone else is divorced? I’m not sure about Texas, but I know in Minnesota we can go into State offices and they have terminals set up that you can use to look up public records for free. All you do is enter in as much information about the person in question and their public record pops up.

Texas Free Public Criminal Records Search

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Texas free public criminal records search
isn’t criminal records public info. I live in texas and want to access free public criminal records on line.?

I have spent hours on line clicking on ‘FREE’ people searches onley to get hit with order forms for paid searches. is there a free public records data base gives more then phone numbers and addresses?

Not all police records are a matter of public record nor available through the Freedom of Information Act.

Some unavailable records include those cases involving juveniles and cases currently under investigation.

What some refer to as criminal “records” but instead mean criminal “history” are not available to the public…even your own criminal history.

You can obtain your own criminal history by contacting your Department of Public Safety…and there is a fee for it…normally about $25.00. You cannot access another persons official criminal history.

The criminal history databases you pay for on the internet are not credible and a waste of money!

Texas Background Record

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Texas background record