Seminole County Records

Juvenile Criminal Record?

Joining the Navy, rephrase, I got in the Navy. I explained my background to them, and also explained how i was never arrested. Only talked to. I have an unknown occurrence on my record from 4 years ago. When I was 15, I’m 20 now. The charges were dropped, shouldn’t my record be cleared now? If not, how would I go about clearing the charges, or atleast making so not even the FBI can see my record. I live in Florida, I know laws are different for each state. I live in Orange county now, this all happened in Seminole county.

Criminal records don’t ever just go away.. even for juveniles. This is a common misperception that most people have. You must take action to get your record expunged or sealed (depending on the state you live in). I am going to add a link to an article that will walk you through the process of how to do this (it includes links to each state for their forms/rules). Good luck!

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