Sebastian Records

Agree or Disagree: If David Stern was so concerned about the image of the league, he should implement…(read)?

…a rule in which players must be 21 years old or finished 3 years of college before being eligible for the NBA draft.

Common sense dictates that the younger and more undecated a man is, the more likely he’ll behave egregiously compared to those who have are older and have decent college education. Sebastian Telfair, Jarvaris Crittenton, Gilbert Arenas, JR Smith are players who entered the league at a young age, and they all either have criminal records or have “thug tendencies”.

You can’t expect to hand a 19 year old kid, who came from a poor neighborhood, millions of dollars and expect them to behave in a civilized manner.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Demarcus Cousins, a 19 year old, squanders his entire rookie paycheck within the next couple of years.
International players must also adhere to these rules. They have to be at least 21 years old before entering their name in the draft.

That’s because Stern doesn’t care. And you’re right! Its also true with Mike Beasley, he’s so young, and has gotten in to trouble and made people not focus on his game but his behavior. This would be a great Idea.

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