Richland County Records

Finding house location from census records.?

The 1860 census doesn’t seem to have a space for the street name.
Is there any way to find out exactly which house a certain family lived in?
I’m looking at Jacob Flummer, Post Office: Somerset, Richland Township, Grant County, Indiana.
Series: M653 Roll: 261 Page 364

Thank you!


It wasn’t until 1880 that the population schedule showed the street address of those enumerated.

The 1870 second census of New York City also showed street addresses.

Although enumerators were given general directions as to how they were to enumerate their districts, they could have started anywhere, and proceeded in a random manner.

The best you can do is to find those people in 1880 on that census sheet, hope they didn’t move, and try to reconstruct the 1860 information. However, for rural areas even in 1880 and more recently, they rarely put down street names/house numbers.

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