Scott County Record

Need help with trial! Please, my life is in line with a simple stupid fight?

I ended up in a fight with a Jewish boy few. I and two of my friends got in a fight with 6 Jewish children after the push, shuv, mocked and laughed at us. where it is loaded with the band asault and where he left off Scott Free. bad mouth newspapers are the names of calls is a hate crime, even though race has nothing to do with it began the fight. A year has passed and I've been on bail for 1 year. my attorney, said the prosecutor decided to give us two bids. 1. we can do 6 months in county jail and leave with a criminal record that could ruin my chances of getting into collage or get a decent job. O 2. can do a year in prison and come out with records cleaning, jail is not easy nor sound. My other option is you could go to trial, but if I lose, probably, I have a Jewish judge, I will 7-15 years in the state. This is not a joke. I feel we are getting the descriminate against. Please help, advice can help.

I do not understand why religion

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