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Census record of my great-grandmother?

My name is Evelyn Galliher grandmothers Gertrude, born about 1904. If someone could obtain the records Census 1910 or 1920, that would be wonderful. I've seen the 1930 census record of my great-grandfather, her husband, Ralph Shores.I know that at the time of the 1930 census, she was living 26 years in the county of Norfolk, Mass. I was born somewhere in New York, but both parents born in Mass. I think she died sometime in mid- 60, perhaps very early 70's. Thank you. With my family, information is scarce and I have no access to libraries in Massachusetts, since I live near Philadelphia. Furthermore, the information passed from my mother was not very abundant. I'm curious, because there are hints and rumors of Mohawk Native American blood? Thanks to everyone it helps. I will give a better response. : D Thanks. – 1910 of U.S. Federal Census Name: Evelyn G Galliher in 1910 Age: 6 years Estimated Birth: ABT 1904 Birthplace: New York Relation to Head of House: Daughter Father's Name: Father Michael T. Place Birth: Massachusetts Name of Mother: Sarah Place of birth of mother: Massachusetts Home in 1910: Becket, Berkshire, Massachusetts Status: Single Race: White Gender: Female Household Members: Name Age Michael T Galliher 32 (b. abt 1878, father born in Ireland, occupation.: General farmers) Rochester Sarah A 32 Galliher Galliher T 10 6 Standard Evelyn G C Galliher Galliher 3.12 (3 common) [NOTE: The transcriber had surnames like ZALLCHEN, but 75% increase, it is clear to read GALLIHER, although the ink was a bit tired] city U.S. Name: Directory. Evelyn Galliher (above all the family is shown, but in Rochester T., F. ANCHESTER shown) Residence: 1927 – Weymouth, Massachusetts [Occupation Father Michael T. 'S shown as a machinist, Evelyn was a BOX MAKER] 1930 United States Federal Census Name: Michael T Home in 1930 Galliher: Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts Age: 52 Estimated birth year: abt 1878 Birthplace: Massachusetts relationship with the head of the House: Head Spouse's name: Sarah Race: Partners White Household: Name Age Michael T Galliher 52 (occupation: MACHINIST @ SHIPYARD) Sarah A 52 Galliher Galliher Standard C 20 (b. 1910) Nina C Galliher 15 (b. 1915) Sarah Galliher me 11 (b. 1919) lists the Tree: Evelyn Gertrude Galliher Birth – April 3, 1904 in Brooklyn, New York Death – December 27, 1968 in Franklin, Norfolk, Massachusetts Married: Ralph Leslie Shores birth – June 5, 1906 in South Weymouth, Massachusetts death – June 5, 1988, in Laconia, Belknap, New Hampshire [parents: Ernest L Shores (1880 -) and Minna A Shores (born in Germany, 1880 -); paternal grandparents: John Shores (1826 -) and Amy Shores (1855 -) Father Evelyn Michael Thomas Galliher Date of birth: October 25, 1878, Becket, Mass. Died: April 20, 1933, Quincy, Massachusetts, USA Married: June 20, 1898 in Becket, Massachusetts Sarah Mallison Adelaid Date of Birth: December 28, 1877 in Hinsdale, Massachusetts died on July 23, 1961 in Becket, Mass. His children Sex from birth Iva Sarah Galliher Galliher Fabian Auchester November 13, 1900 in Westfield, Massachusetts, USA Galliher Gertude Evelyn April 3, 1904 in Brooklyn, New York, USA Norma Christine Galliher December 27, 1909 in Becket, Massachusetts, USA Nina Corrine Galliher December 2, 1914 Clayton Norris Galliher May 1, 1917 in Becket, Massachusetts, USA PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS Evelyn Dennis Galliher B: 31 Aug 1852, Munster Province, Waterford, Ireland D: 31 Aug 1914, Becket, Massachusetts Married: 25 Sep 1875 to Catherine Morrisey of Birth: May 1861 in Hinsdale, Massachusetts, died 1936 in Becket, Massachusetts with their children: Catherine L. Patrick Galliher Galliher December 30, 1876 ** Michael Thomas Galliher October 25 1878 in Becket, Massachusetts, USA James Galliher October 24, 1880 John Galliher December 9, 1882 Dennis Galliher May 5, 1885 in Becket, Massachusetts, USA William Galliher, 15 Marie Galliher March 1886 April 16, 1887 Albert Thomas Galliher April 3, 1891 in Becket, Massachusetts, USA Francis E Galliher July 9, 1896 in Becket, Massachusetts, USA Timothy E. Galliher July 9, 1896 in Becket, Massachusetts, USA EVELYN PATERNAL grandparents: Patrick Galliher – b.1831, Prov Munster, Waterford, Ireland and died Prov Munster, Waterford Ireland Married: Countywaterford, Prov Munster, Ireland Mary Maher – b / d: Prov Munster, Waterford, Ireland PARENTS Catherine Morrisey is Morrisey James – b. 1840, Ireland Mary Leary siblings: John Morrissey – Morrisey Thomas b.1866 – Patrick Morrisey b.1869 – Timothy Morrisey b.1871 – Agnes b.1874 Morrissey – Morrisey Lizzy b.1876 – b.1879 Evelyn's maternal grandparents: (See below for details **) D Nathan Mallison – B.18 November 1839, Pittsfield, MA – November 1921 Sarah D.17 Hazard (or Hazzard) – b. April 4, 1842 – November 1916 D.17. Nathan FATHER and grandparents (and great-grandfather EVELYN GREAT-GRANDFATHER/2ND) Nathan S. Mallison, b. 1811, Nassau, NY His father, Silas S. Mallison, b. 1791,,? D. 1865-70 bet probably Farmington, M. NY 1] m. Hannah Elizabeth Hubbard 2] ROSS grateful "Textile World Record, Volume 31," p. 168 reads: "Massachusetts, Becket: The association between Charles William Mallison (b / dubbed: 24-Feb-1906-1928-Mar-1906, Holmfirth, Holy Trinity Parish Church) and Michael T. GALLIHER, operating as America and Novelty Company Braid has dissolved. The

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