White County Public Records

Public defender or lawyer paid?

An adult of 32, who has no criminal record or history of arrests, has a full time job, online university is small and has 4 children, is collected by the county attorney's office in his / her workplace in order to bail is not missing court because the court was the documentation of mail to an address that he / she moved more than 2 years. the person goes to jail and remains there for 5 days, including weekends and after which the person goes to court video and recommends fiscal / she be released on his own recognizance. The person is facing charges for white collar crime of fourth grade and never had problems before, the court also said that it is a direct accusation and there are 4 positions. He / She wants to avoid doing any jail time at all costs … if you paid an attorney or just go with the public defender?

Pay attorney. Advocates are goo for a public legal service, but also known to the request for a case in heart rate, and they get paid xx dollars to bring the case to court or allegation.

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