Riley County

Ok I need some help with a creative name for a donation drive?

I had the opportunity as a fair queen this year to start a donation drive benefiting the Riley Hospital for Children. With the help and support of the 4-H program and those in the community, I was privileged to personally deliver and present the hospital and its patients with 539 donations! These donations ranged from DVDs and Legos to coloring books and craft kits.This donation drive will be continued by the future fair queens of my county.I need a name to call this donation drive so people will recognize the drive as the one started this year. Thanks!

Hi, I have spent most of my life in marketing ideas and offer you some sound advice for chosing a name. 1. The name shoud say exactly what it is and who the benefactors are. 2. Dont worry about the length as long it says what you want to say without further long winded explanation. Example:

Reily Donation Appeal : Means nothing, unless explained. But ‘Reily Donation Appeal for Childrens Hospital’ In one simple phrase says who and what it is all about! or ‘The Reily Fair Queen Childrens Appeal’ Might say enough. Without me knowing if Riley is just the name of the Hospital, or if it is the name of a place, then it is hard to advise you any more. Also what do you mean by….”started this year… the year date important? If so let me know and I will give you other ideas! I wish you good luck for a good cause well done!

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