Map Of West Virginia And Ohio

eighth grade social studies questions answer! multiple choice?

what was the main effect of gin at SLAC? A: It made ??life Easy slaves b: reduced the value of slaves c: it ended the Atlantic slave trade d: increased demand for slaves 2.between 1839 and 1860, the amount of land in the south dedicated to cotton a. remained more or less the same b. c. decreased slightly d. slowly increased 3.The about double from 1801 to 1860, the system moved from slavery primarily a. north into the Ohio Valley and the Louisiana territory b. south Florida and the Caribbean c. west in the Mississippi Valley and Texas d.east in the islands of the Atlantic coast 4.The map suggests that the sale of slaves for the slave trade was more Proffit that the cultivation of cotton in Arkansas and a.texas b.virginia and c.louisiana Kentucky and Mississippi and Alabama d.georgia 4. from Norfolk to Port Lavaca on the width was the realm of cotton in 1860? a.400 b.800 c.1200 d.1600 miles miles miles milles

I'm pretty sure one is d 2 and 3 is d is one, but I think it idk 4 b and the number 5 lol.

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