Manatee County Arrest Records

Could I get arrested for this and if so by what charge and what penaltoes could I face?

I’m 17 and my sister is 16. My sister breaks into my room constantly. Would it be illegal to spray her with pepper spray the next time she does it? Don’t I have the legal right to protect my property? What are the laws regarding this in Manatee county,FL? Also, my sister has priors for Breaking and entering my neighbors house and damaging property inside his home. I don’t have a record. Would the police take this into mind while deciding whether or not to arrest anyone? Sources?
How about the stuff I bought? Are you saying that’s not mine? I bought some expensive electronic equipment like a big screen TV.
My sister was also threatening me with a tazer gun so if she threatens me with it again and I pepper spray her, could I claim self defense? I’ll take a polygraph to prove I’m not lying.

As a 17 year old you have no property. Your parents own everything, so you are not protecting your property. Pepper spraying your sister would be considered domestic assault or assault depending on your state statute. You could be taken to a juvenile detention center or jail. Her record has no bearing on your record and it will not matter.

If I punch someone that has a long history of crimes and I have none, will that have any bearing on me getting arrested.

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