Luzerne County Prison Pa

Help W / child to be locked up?

Ok, so I have this friend who I was talking to a little over a year, and hes told me he loves me and wants to be with me and things like that. It looks cool, but my brother is not one of his friends told me that he is a player and I just used. But my step brother used to lie. So idk to believe because the guy does not look like a player for me, and I went to many players. Advice? In addition, closed by a guy just shit like receiving and theft of a motor vehicle. All charges are misdemeanors, but are two offenses (property) and no defects are M1 F2. But no one knows how long it would be in prison in Luzerne County PA? My brother said that about 3-5 years, but I want a second opinion.

How much time in prison is largely the judge and prosecutor. Then it is to him. But if these guys go in prison, you should really start looking for someone else. It goes in jail for the things he took with. I do not know how many other things, he was involved. For a more just what this man is like, go talk to the prosecutor. I do not know how you speak, but it would be a "party 3 disinterested "and would probably be able to give a fairly objective opinion. It would also have more information than other such crimes alleged have committed.

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