Gaston County Sheriff

I can do a side by side on the public road if NC is a slow moving vehicle triangle on it?

I was a constable, Deputy pulled out and told me not to ride on my Kawasaki Teryx on the road. A friend of a State Police pulled NC soldier's account and ask how SMV triangle I wanted to go, urged him to stay on the side of the road and have a good day. The Gaston County police say they are your own yardstick ATV / UTV 's and a complaint if they are called, do not bother to do. 20 to 171.17. Exceptions. (A) The provisions of this Article shall not apply to any owner, operator, tenant or occupant of the house or the person who is an employee or members of their immediate family or household when operating an ATV while engaged in agricultural enterprises. (B) The provisions of this Article shall not apply to anyone with an ATV for hunting or capture for if the person otherwise legally engaged in those activities. " your vehicle through a registration / plate. Your vehicle is not exempt from registration. 20-51. Exempt from registration. Your vehicle is not legal. The police do not care. You can go to some police confiscated it.

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