Free Vermont

To take tax-free alcohol across the border of Quebec / Vermont, you must be 18 or over 21?

I read Somewhere you have to be the legal age of majority in the province that is bringing back … I'm 18, legal in Quebec … but not in Ontario (from where I am) I am thinking of buying in Vermont to bring back to Canada (via Quebec)

If you are bringing back to Quebec alcohol, then you are legal, but you will be illegal once you set foot in Ontario, which basically means you all the way illegal. Unless you manage to drink it all up before coming to Ontario, which I doubt you want to do. I mean the concept is applied when crossing the border from Ontario to Quebec to go dancing and drinking as soon as a step in the province, to become legal. As there is no control of the border between Quebec / Ontario, I guess it's okay to buy alcohol in Vermont.

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