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is a traffic ticket is on your insurance?

Yestarday I have my first speeding ticket and do not know if I should go to court or just pay? police gave me the option of paying by mail and also gave me a court date and the ticket was out of my home state was for REDAR

Any traffic violation (Speeding, a red light, driving under the influence, etc.) is on your insurance, assuming they are not convicted of rape. Depending on the state where you live, which is shown as "points" on your driver's license, and stay there for 3 to 7 years (subsequent violations will result at more points, more time and possibly losing their license). If you think you can win in court, then by all means go to defend itself. He "marked" by the radar, or Basque? Lots were you on a lonely stretch of road, or there are other cars around when you were "broken"? I do not know your situation at all, but if you feel that the officer who issued the ticket was wrong, you might just win the case (there is also the possibility – Though scarce – the police will not be available the day of his court appearance. If there is, the case is dismissed). If you plead guilty / pay fine, remember that your insurance rates will rise. To what extent and for how long may vary depending on your age, your insurance company, the state where you live, and other things. It may be worth paying a lawyer to "consult in charge" of perhaps $ 50 to see if it would be worth your time to "fight it." Oh, and stop the next time. 🙂

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