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Ideas bet? More info xD interior.?

Okay, so my friends Axel and Yazoo are planning to make a bet for next year A-kon 21. Yazoo said to have more fans in Las Vegas, Reno and disagrees with Yazoo. And I can not think of anything to bet! No gambling money, because those are boring. Now please give me ideas of what they suggest both! Thank you. : Tifa cosplayer D-a … lol Meh. I mean I do not know what the loser of the bet you do. That is what need ideas. Things that take place in the scheme is highly recommended! xD Your bet so far is: The more victories you get fans, who do not receive most of the time … the loser has to_________. Well. They are making a bet to see who gets the most fans, but they do not know what the loser must do. There. Clear enough?

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