Volusia Sheriff

What does it take to become a sheriff in Florida (Volusia)?

im 19 and recently got my GED i had lost track school and climbed a short bumpy road, I'm back on track I have my GED and a job i now want more myself am looking to register for classes criminal justice and wants to become a sheriff in fl, Volusia County, what are the requirements that I do, I also smoked weed and I know some places to look down on that, but I was stupid and now I've cleaned my act someone can give me details on the best route to take and how I should. i can vote for best answer yet, but jessie you thanks for the help I really appreciate and better answer comes when I can.

Ok # 1 I live in Orlando and wants to do is find a police academy and join local here in Orlando costs 2,800 full-time if you take about nine months of graduate school. Then after you start filling applications AGENCIES different I recommend the smaller is easy. And you can not have any Felloni and if he did smoke marijuana have to be at least 3 years long ago, but his case by case basis that will be fine

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