Surrey County Court

Where I can find lists online audiences in a regular court?

I've tried several sites, but it seems that only access lists of the Crown Court or County Court, but I'm looking magistrate listed in Guildford, Surrey. I'm looking for a case to be heard, not one that has already taken place. Can anyone help please? I know I could phone the court, but I prefer to see the details online if possible. Thank you very much.

You can not find those things online, for the simple reason that until the morning of the day in question no one knows what the list will include (in addition to delays of any prior hearings). Even when matters come hot from various police stations, including people arrested the previous day are added to the list, yet could be "extras" that are placed in front of the judges in a kind of complementary list, involving detainees that morning. If you want to know what's on the list for the day in question, call the court. They are widely used for such research and that the list of all days is the public domain, are free to say.

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