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Foreclosure rates?

Foreclosure started in my house in Ohio December 14, 2007. I was able to pay all late payments, plus late fees on January 2, 2008. Therefore, the house was rescued from foreclosure. But now, here is a list of new lending rates sent me saying that I owe. Does this make sense to you? Any way to check? Server process rate 140.00 287.50 attorney fees partial implementation mortgage 15.00 property inspection fee 391.00 title search fee skip trace 17.00 290.00 filing fee rate judicial foreclosure 575.00 initial legal fees to open the case. Very grateful for your help! I'm not asking if I owe, I know what I do, I'm wondering if they are legit and if the costs of Sound right for you. And yes, I know I had kept my current pay would not have happened. My wife gave birth to our second son was sick and we almost bankrupt in medical bills so I said to keep up or it would not have happened is not helping me answer this question.

This is more or less a bill end to legal action initiated against him. As he did send a process server at your door and hand the papers? Then, the $ 140 is legit. inspection fee of $ 15, reliable. Search title, well, that is negotiable, that they themselves, to see if you have any lien against it to see if they were in first place or if not seized. (It is likely that your loan contract even though you are responsible for it.) $ 17 skip trace? Has not sense, never went anywhere, so it is not a pass to the trace. rate of $ 290 court filing, it sounds pretty good, if in fact filed a foreclosure against him in Superior Court. The two legal fees are not out of line in terms of quantity, but would have to read your mortgage to see if you is responsible for these or not. (I'm betting they are, in all that fine print of their exclusion.) In short, if you had kept your payments current, there would incurred these costs, and probably in his contract that is on the hook for them, so we'll have to pay. Sorry, I had expected better news. Read your documents the loan, and if not found, have a lawyer review to ensure that you are responsible before paying the bill.

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