Public Records In Arizona

Help, I'm a tenant of a property that appears to be in foreclosure

I live in Arizona, Peoria. I lived in my holiday home for a new month. I've had a lot of clues that leads me to believe that this property is owned foreclosure.And my agency tells me different stories about why the bank did the door trying to block. Where I can go to public records for foreclosure? ¿I can sue the owners of the moving expenses? What I do? I could only mourn …. I turn to the children enrolled in the new school, and I think it's mental, emotional, and financial capacity to move back to back. Where to start, what should I do? Am I being strung along and lied, worried every day if I have a place to live tomorrow. By Please help.

E-mail me privately to help you look up. I have worked in the title and escrow for many years here in Maricopa County and have also worked in the foreclosure department. I can help you get it! St have to see if there really is a trustee sale notice and when is. If there is no person to pay rent. What will they do sue. kicked out. They will do that anyway. They can sue for moving expenses, but not pay the bank think you will pay. You need to know what is going on first before doing anything.

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