City Of Manassas

What city in northern VA is right for me?

I've compiled a list of cities to build a house: Law Manassas Woodbridge Dale city of these cities is known to be prestigious, inhabited by educated people (at least upper middle class), good schools, has good restaurants (restaurants and stores), known to have beautiful homes, and most importantly have the lowest crime rates?

Any location that identify the "zone zero "in the Washington area foreclosures. I no quality of the things you mentioned that the criteria you are looking for. As the market is funky at the moment would be better to spend time investigating the properties of outright purchase, as there is little land available for building and housing stock far outweighs any else we've seen in decades. You would do well to find a new home by an owner or a bank willing to negotiate. If I understand your request to the second question in this forum … I figure that would be very interested in the area of ??Clifton, Virginia. The place has some of the best properties in the large area, restaurants and the best Fairfax County schools have to offer. In Prince William County, a small stones throw from Clifton … check out the Canyon Bluff area. All other thing to mention is the cookie cutter neighborhoods with a lot of properties carry each other at this time. JMHO!

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