Ocean County Courthouse

Where can I obtain copies of sales contracts before?

I went to my county courthouse today thinking I could get a copy of sales contract or previous contracts of people who owned my house before me. Unfortunately, we have only copies of deeds and mortgages. My problem I need to know who lived in my house when there was a fire here, and if the previous owner (To me) I know, because I do not tell me. You know somewhere you can get this information? I have no problem paying for it. Simply, I can not get what I need. If it helps, I live in Ocean County, New Jersey – Toms River to be exact. Thank you!

Check the workers registration or office. It will give the name or owner of the house fire. Now you find. Sales contracts are not in the public domain. Visit this site for your live http://oprs.co.monmouth.nj.us/oprs/index.aspx County Clerk County 732-431-7324 (call this number you will be notified within 30 seconds that had at the time, if you're lucky a date) Good

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