Escambia County Records

How I can get information on my trust?

My great-grandparents set up a trust fund for me when I was ten. I gave my papers to the parents at the time it was purchased, but that was long ago. My parents grandparents have passed since then, and my parents have no idea where the paperwork is now given. No family members would know, much less have access to this trust fund. It was purchased in Florida, whether in Santa Rosa and Escambia County (most likely Escambia). I have searched court records probate in both counties in vain. Does anyone know how I can find information about it?

Ay! The trust is probably a bank, it is not necessary to register in a court of any kind. A trust may be subject to taxes, so you could contact the state of Florida. Also, make sure the funds are kept in reserve in the State of Florida, which can be dissolved confidence for a long time, especially if they were unable to locate or contact the recipient ..

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