City Of Danville

If none of the places that sell soda near me?

If none of the places that sell soda near me? I live in Walnut Creek / Danville area Bay, California area. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that sells old-fashioned soda? Please tell me the following: Name of establishment street, city, state and zip code if it can be. Or you can just send the link to your website.

Are you talking about places that have sources where mixed drinks to order or are you talking about them selling things like Nehi, Doc Brown soda and such. In the first case, you might look around for old-fashioned restaurant like Johnny Rockets time or Ruby. For soda later, bottled or canned, you can try three kinds of places. The sweet shops of yesteryear (Which often sell candy by the pound, most supermarkets can order it for you (many supermarkets can and do food orders for certain brands or flavors of his favorite subjects), or the Internet. z

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