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Help me please to do with the houses.?

Okay so my parents really want to move that are not really rich, so no can afford to buy a real house, because my parents credit is so low. Not really wanting to move to an apartment or basement (if it was a possibility). Just as you can afford $ 1,200 a month. I want to see if there is a house that might be able to rent. We are looking for a home with at least 3 bedrooms. we a family of 6. Parents and four women. I live in Minnesota in Carver County. Could someone help me find a place? I really do not want to move anywhere far. due to the work of my father. Ps gas and money why you want to move, because it is the place you are currently experiencing is not a good neighborhood, there is a lot of "gangs" and the cops are always here, and especially our neighbors .. there are plenty of reasons.

Look on in your area and click on apartments and houses.

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