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who do i need to contact to get this mobile home removed allegan county mi.?

i know of a mobile home that was set-up on property without permit and is unregistered. also is improperly connected to the electric service pole. i have contacted the township office numerous times in regards to this matter and the townships local building inspector as well but have gotten no satisfaction. is there somewhere in the county i could go to settle this matter. do you know of a free website were i could see a copy of the areas most recent plot map to show that it is not supposed to be there. thank you for any help in this matter

So you’re saying this is abandoned property? Have you done due diligence & attempted to locate the rightful owner & made any attempt to contact him / her?

If no luck locating anyone, you would need to contract with a mobile home mover at your expense, to have it hauled away. However, if there’s metered electric service, I’m assuming someone is paying the bill? I’m also thinking that there was a property tax bill that would’ve been sent out? Have you checked with the county clerk’s office on whom thie bill is being sent to?

Once you locate the owner, you would need to have the court issue a notice of eviction to vacate the property, assuming the property is yours to begin with. And then if they refuse, you can move the trailer & sent them the bill. Though, you might have to go back to court to force the issue.

Good luck.

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