Collin County Tax

Will a Texas county do a payment plan for property taxes?

Will Collin County let you do a payment plan on property tax due? Its for the current year.
Paying the taxes with a credit card is not an option for me, or I would have already done that. Just wanting to find out if anyone has done this before and was given the option of a payment plan with the county or not.

I found the answer on the Collin County website and pasted the information below.

***Do I have to pay all my taxes at the same time?
No. You can choose to make partial payments, or you may pay Collin County, incorporated city, or school district taxes separately. Any remaining amount not paid by January 31st will begin to accrue penalty and interest. Should you wish to make a partial payment beginning in October when you receive your statement, please write your property account number on your check with the words “Partial Payment” in remarks.****

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