Bremer County

how do you find out information about distant relatives?

I am looking for descendants of the Barber family who lived in Bremer County. They would be the descendants of Bill and Ike Barber. Can anyone help me?

Did they live there before the war, or after?

There are two real genealogy boards devoted to Bremer County, Iowa:

If you post there, please read

Your post here has some problems for people who would like to help you.

1) What state is Bremer County in? (I found it, but I have honed my mind to razor sharpness over the years by reading detective stories.)

2) When did they live there? 1865? 1965?

3) Were Bill and Ike brothers? Father and son? A man married to a woman with a male-sounding nickname?

If you want some general tips on finding information about distant relatives, search the resolved questions in this category for the word “free”.

I wish you well. I didn’t find either person in the 1930 census or the SSDI.

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