Wabash County

A manager at the Burger King in Wabash, IN has MRSA and infected two workers, what about the public?

People seem to have impure and unwholesome. Their clothing is not clean. I went there at 8 pm and found the food and pop around the counter and the ground so dirty that I was not hungry. I can not contact with Burger King line. If these people who serve food to the public? Obviously they are contagious and have been in the Wabash County Hospital for the disease! I love Burger King and can not in good conscience eat! One answer is correct, board of health says it can only take action is no nasal discharge or sores are covered while work! Best defense is the hand sanitizer before eating. (Soap and water works well). MRZA can live for several days in a pen. Use your account.

Contact your Public Health Office in the county or city where you live. I also want to inform the media and asked if they are aware this and if so are they planning on running a story. Some things are not good for us and should be avoided even if we like. So until the Burger King near you clean your act as it should avoid the restaurant. Also know if it's a restaurant or franchise businesses. A librarian or the Chamber of Commerce may be able to help you find – and as your local newspaper.

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