Search Business Licenses

I need to search this company to see if it’s licensed as a business?

I’m getting harassing phone calls from a collection agency and the calls are not for me!!!

I know there’s a free service to search a business name to see if it’s a legal, registered business in Canada. Help me please!!

He said he’s calling from Airline International – then later when I refused to give him my name and threatened to report him – he said Airline International Credit phone number 1-888-833-3019. None of which shows me anything when I search online.

Occasionally when I get calls of this nature, I politely say “Just a moment I will get him(her) for you”. I then lay the receiver down on the table and go about my business doing what I was doing before the phone rang. The person on the other end of the phone can usually hear me moving around and is expecting the person they asked for to answer the phone. About ten minutes later, I pick up the receiver. By this time the other person has hung up. I replace the receiver on the hook.

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