Nj Sex Offenders Registry

What is the statute of limitations on lewdness with a minor and endangering the welfare of a minor?

What is the statute of limitations on these crimes in ny and nj and can anything be done if the statute has run. Can the person be still registered as a sex offender? I’ve been reading about sex offenders and the registry seems to contain people who have commited crimes recently.

To be listed as a sex offender you have to be convicted of a crime. So if the SoL has run out then no.

New Jersey
Code Section 2C:1-6;
Felonies Murder, manslaughter: none;
official misconduct, bribery and related offenses: 7 yrs.;
others: 5 yrs.;
if victim under 18, prosecution must begin within 5 yrs. after victim attains 18 for sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and endangering welfare of children

New York
Murder, Class A felony: none
others: 5 yrs.;
violation of collection, treatment, disposal of refuse and solid waste: 4 yrs.;
breach of fiduciary duty: within 1 yr. of discovery of offense;
official misconduct: 5 yrs. of offense

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