Eldorado County Ca

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions Shipping…?

i ordered hair extensions from foxy locks a couple days ago
and i filled in everything correctly..its asked the basics.. street address…city, county, zip code, and state.

my state is california but for some reason in the billing and shipping information the state is what my county is.. so instead or California it says Eldorado..and it didn’t show me this until after i ordered them

they still have my zip code and everything and should have in their records that it is actually CA

do you think the order will come to the write place and they will figure it out?

please and thank you im just kinda stressing about it

I did the sameeee thing. but i emailed imogen and she says that as long as your address and zip code are correct they should get to you with no problems!! i havnt recieved mine yet..its only been 13 days. they will be here soon =]

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