Clayton County Court Records

Why was I not offered First Offenders Act Probation after appearing in court for a false Burglary charge?

Me and my younger brother were both wrongfully charged with felony burglary. We stayed in jail 3 weeks until our preliminary court date. We both have never had a juvenile or adult record and never been arrested. But they only offered 1 year in prison 4 years probation for both me 19 and my younger brother 17. I need help on what to do they have no evidence they cant place us in the house and found no finger prints they only have a false witness statement. This all happened on Halloween and when we finally appeared in court the best we could do was reduce the bond from 40,000$ to 30,000$ plus tax. Now we are out on bond with ankle monitors until we go back to court which could be in 3 to 5 months or a year. What should I do to help our case? P.S we have public defenders… and this all was in Clayton County, GA

You do exactly what your attorney tells you to do and plead not guilty, demand a trial by jury and the prosecution will see that they do not have a strong case and either drop it or offer probation.

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