Bay County Jail Records

My boyfriend just got arrested on bench warrant, what’s going to happen?

(Before I start, this is in the bay area of California)

Today my boyfriend got arrested because him and his friend got caught smoking marijuana (it was a very little amount) and the cop was originally just going to give them both a citation but let his friend go, and because my boyfriend has a bench warrant (he got a DUI last year and he did his community service, but he has not paid all of his dues. He was for a while but these past few months he hasn’t although we were planning on going to Marin County to pay it off) so now, he is currently in a holding cell and he might be transferred to Marin County since that is where he got his DUI. My question is, what is going to happen? He does not have a criminal record he only has a DUI (that he just needs to pay off now) and a jay walking ticket. Is he going to be there for the night? When will he probably come home? and will he go to jail? Thanks.
Will he be on probation? If so what will happen if he is, and so forth.

A bench warrant requires a court appearance. He will remain in jail until the judge can schedule the hearing. The judge will then decide if he will be released.

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