Will County Circuit Court Records

clear arrest records Illinois?

I was arrested recently, while a minor theft, but was able to complete a deferred prosecution program allowing this charge was dropped and never had to go to court. But still I have my arrest on my record and I would get deleted. I was seeing if anyone has experience with this. I know I need to go to the county clerk of circuit, but I'm a bit lost about what really exists? I have to go to court to be canceled if I qualify?

If you have completed your program, you should have received a letter in which his case was dropped when he had finished. different localities have different laws, but you can take your letter to the Clerk of the Court, show the fall of deferred state and ask if this jurisdiction erasing the record of arrest. If so, would have a package of motion for you to fill. Back to the secretaries office with the deposit rate and You will be notified by mail. Good luck and I hope this is helpful

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