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How long would it take me to finish Community College and transfer to Texas Tech?

I’m currently a senior and I plan on going to a Tarrant County College, which is a community college and transferring to Texas Tech to major in International Business.

The requirements are: 24 or more hours with a 2.75 GPA.

What does that mean? I work at Target for 30 hours a week…

and what’s a 2.75 GPA? My GPA in high school is like a 90.

It means 24 or more credits with a g.p.a of at least a 2.75, but you always want to have higher then what they say. if your g.p.a is around a 90 there’s no need for you to start at the jc unless it’s for financial reasons or your SAT scores were to low. A 90 is about a 3.5 g.p.a, but if they didn’t give you a scholarship and you start at the community college with a 90 in hs i’m sure you’ll be fine Community college is 2 years, but you can finsih 24 credits in 1-2 years. courses at community colleges are much easier, so you may bbe able to handle a heavy workload depending on your work schedule

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