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Do you support the DeMint Act to force Obama to build 700 miles of double layer near the border?

DeMint, a Greenville, South Carolina, the Republican who helped lead opposition to a draft bipartisan immigration reform bill in 2006, said only 34 miles of a border wall double layer authorized by Congress have been built. "The federal government is ignoring its own law with danger for the citizens of Arizona, Texas and in fact over throughout the country, "said DeMint in the Senate before the vote. The vote was on the possibility of attaching the DeMint amendment to a spending bill of 59 billion U.S. dollars provide additional funds for U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, humanitarian aid in Haiti and the United States and other needs. DeMint dismissed as "Temporary and inadequate" the decision of President Barack Obama earlier this week to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border Together and seeking $ 500 million in new funding to help strengthen the border. ixzz0pXqc3J4v #

No. We are America, not a state prison. The fences do not work. We need to build doors on them, a door requires a guard 24 / 7. Sooner or later a guard is killed. "The Berlin Wall that people do not leave East Berlin?

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