Fairfield Sheriff

Policemen, would you really want to drive a golf cart to patrol? read news story…?

BREMEN, Ohio — The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office has begun to stop using patrol cars in an effort to battle high gas prices.

Deputies in Bremen are riding golf carts instead of patrol cars.

Sgt. ___ said the county tested the golf carts last year, but decided to bring them back to combat the prices at the pump.

“These are changing times, ___ said. “Gas prices are going to go up and departments need to find ways to patrol the areas.”

The carts have really caught the attention of residents in the small town, ___ reported.

“It seems funny to see a policeman driving a golf cart,” said ___, who lives in Bremen.

With a population of only 1,200 people, ___ said the golf carts are not only more efficient, but also encourage better relationships with the people in the town.

thats dumb what if somneones house was getting robbed or someone got shot would you wanna wait for a golf cart or a squad car…or a high speed chase the cop cant even follow him he would have to call back up and by the time the cop comes with the car he will be gone…so i think thats a stupid idea those things are good for liek manhattan where its reall crowded and places liek that….

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