Dane County Courts

Need Child Support Attorney, fathers rights advocate! To investigate Child support enforcement agency fraud!?

I’ve been court-ordered to pay child support since 1994. My ex-wife filed for divorce in 1998. Court had no knowledge of divorce until recently discovering it online by communicating with IL. Child support court order originated in Dane County Madison, WI. Dane County collected child support from me begining in 1994 until 2006, and now says it should have not been involved from time of divorce and has suspended further actions because of 1998 divorce which was filed for in IL. Question is: “Can money which was taken from me from 1998 until 2006 be classified as money confinscated under false pretense?” “If so can Agency be sued for false involvement, and for money gained in that measure?” The child-support enforcement agency is so dedicated to collecting from me that it was not concerned if it was in violation of it’s grounds to act, for they imediately suspended themselves becuase of divorce.

Regardless of when or how they got the money, if that’s all you’re providing for your child(ren) I would just GET OVER IT. You made the child(ren), too. Don’t go after getting the money back, that would only make them resent you. Unless you really are heartless and just don’t care.

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